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The Adventures of Robin Goodfellow

Robin Goodfellow
12 July 1981
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Pervy Mutant Fancier

I'm an Events and Small Brands Manager, as well as a Remedial Therapist. I was a student at Sydney Uni, as well as having been one of their SRC's Sexuality Officers, and am Secretary for the Sydney Leather Pride Association Inc. I'm a bit of a pyro (one year left before I qualify for the license), I collect DVDs, read lots of web comics, and love to build new computers.

I am a pervert. I enjoy many aspects of BDSM lifestyle. I maintain the hellfire_sydney LJ. I've performed at Hellfire, and assist there regularly.

I have several names, each of which developed with a different aspect of my personality. These include:
Master Flea - My most used online username and fetish stage name.
Cass Tration / Cassandra - My drag name.
Robin Goodfellow - My profile name and secondary online name.
Barbary - My fursona.

I'm very tired of people getting upset and ranting at me about what I say in my own LJ. If you have a different opinion, state it calmly and politely, and I may be persuaded.